The Last of Her Kind

When an alien xenologist spots the opportunity of a lifetime, he is driven to engage with it – but his opportunity doesn’t want to be engaged with. For both the observed and the observer know the same, terrible truth: that she is the last of her kind!

The first engaging short story by debut author, Quill Holland, The Last of Her Kind is a story that will grab your imagination and leave you wanting to know more about the characters and the universe they live in!

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About Quill

I'm a Creator. A Writer. A Developer. A Designer

Quill Holland

Programmer by day and a writer by night, Quill Holland is the author of the new short story, The Last of Her Kind (Coming soon!).

Growing up, Quill could always be found with his nose in a book, or watching the latest science-fiction movie. As a result, he’s developed an imagination that never stops, and naturally, sci-fi and fantasy is largely the domain that Quill’s own work inhabits.

Whether it was typing code or writing fiction, Quill has been creating content for years; now as a recent creative writing graduate from the New Zealand Institute of Business Studies and a member of the New Zealand Society of Authors, Quill has taken the plunge by self-publishing his first work.

When he’s not debugging code or creating worlds, Quill likes to dabble in illustration and photography, as well as exploring the natural beauty of New Zealand with his partner.


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