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Review: Not Meant for Each Other, an Anthology published by Lost Boys Press

I love a good subversion of expectation, and this anthology does just that: in the foreword, once again written by Lost Boys Press’s editor-in-chief, Ashley Hutchison, she says she turned to the romance genre, but rather than happily ever after, heartbreak and the loves that were forever never to be were chosen! 

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Review: The Ark by J Swift

The Ark is an interesting read – set in a dystopian, post-nuclear war Earth, the planet and its surviving inhabitants are in a pretty sorry state – with the world now just an inhospitable wasteland, and most plant and animal species extinct; the survivors make do with what little remains. The fortunate citizens live in complexes, relatively safe refuges built into ...

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Review: Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky

I absolutely LOVED Children of Time! Its ideas were big, & its timescale even bigger! Tchaikovsky has created a vast, rich universe, that is thrilling to explore. The level of thought and detail that Tchaikovsky has put into the story, whilst wrapping it all up in a well-paced, easy-to-read story is impressive and inspirational.

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