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Review: Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky

I absolutely LOVED Children of Time! Its ideas were big, & its timescale even bigger! Tchaikovsky has created a vast, rich universe, that is thrilling to explore. The level of thought and detail that Tchaikovsky has put into the story, whilst wrapping it all up in a well-paced, easy-to-read story is impressive and inspirational.

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Review: Chimera, an Anthology published by Lost Boys Press

The idea of a Chimera, both in a mythological sense, and a scientific one, has always fascinated me and I was immediately interested in the anthology’s premise – short stories from 10 authors about the creatures of myth and legend colliding, giving life to inventive new monsters! What’s not to love?

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Forgotten Evil Book Launch Giveaway!

Forgotten Evil is an up-and-coming, adult sci-fi novella - the first chapter in The Forgotten Saga!

To celebrate the launch, Quill Holland is giving away two physical copies, & twenty digital copies of Forgotten Evil

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