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Hello there!

It’s Quill here, and I’m a big fan of great conversations!

I welcome discussion and different viewpoints, but more importantly, I value respectful and constructive communication between individuals.

In order to ensure that visitors to my site have a pleasant experience, I need to layout some commenting ground rules. So please have a read of the following before joining the conversation!

How to comment

The third-party platform, Hyvor Talk, provides the comments sections on my site and requires users to set up an account. You can register a profile directly with Hyvor Talk or comment as a guest.

Please keep your user avatar tasteful – you will be asked to change your profile picture or face suspension if your avatar includes sexually explicit imagery, depictions of violence or gore, or propaganda.

Commenting Etiquette

Once you’re signed in and ready to leave a comment, there are a few rules to keep in mind:

  • Keep it friendly, be polite: Relevant and respectful discussion and debate are welcome, but stay on topic - debate an opinion, not a person: remember there is a person behind the screen and that your words affect people.

  • Clarity, intent, and content: The tone of the written word is not always evident, so stop and think twice before publishing your comment. Additionally, GIFs, images, and videos can be added to your comments – as with your words, please carefully consider your choice of visual content before sharing.

  • Don’t spam or troll: The comments section is not a sales yard for Viagra pills, Nigerian gold or self-promotion, nor is it a place to broadcast conspiracy and disinformation.

  • Privacy: Don’t post personal information. The internet can be dark and full of terrors.

  • Liability: By posting a comment, you agree that your contribution is your own and that you take full responsibility for it. You agree to hold me (Quill Holland), all post authors, and all other commenters harmless.

  • Great power comes with responsibility: Yes, you have the power to flag & downvote comments. Please don’t do that because you disagree with a user, do it because a comment has violated this policy.


My moderators and I reserve the rights to monitor all comments, modify and delete any comment or threat that breaches our guidelines, and suspend repeat offenders without notice.

While appreciating there will be, at times, different points of view, we reserve the right to caution commenters openly about guidelines breaches. Rudeness, personal attacks, and hate speech are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Comments will be edited or deleted if:

  • Comments are deemed to be spam or solely promotional
  • Comments include excessive or targeted profanity
  • Comments contain language or concepts that are abusive, threatening, pornographic, misleading or libellous language
  • Comments harass or attack an individual directly
  • We receive authentic notice that a comment violates copyrighted information

This comment policy is subject to change at any time. If you have any questions about the commenting policy, please get in touch.