Review: Humanity Lost by Meghan Douglass

  • On: 16th Apr 2022
  • Category: Reviews

Humanity Lost by Meghan Douglass: originally published by Meghan Douglass in 2021

Meghan Douglass’s debut short story, Humanity Lost, drops us right into the action alongside her characters, the doomed crew of the Valhalla. The ship has awoken them all from stasis prematurely, weeks short of their destination, Earth. The crew gets to work, attempting to diagnose the cause of their interrupted sleep, but finds no easy resolution. 

Douglass maintains a steady pace throughout the story, following the crew and their struggle to survive and make it back to Earth in one piece, for the sake of all humanity. But survival always comes at a cost, and the reader has a front-row seat to the downward spiral of the Valhalla crew, as they sacrifice themselves and their humanity, all to live to fight another day.

Humanity Lost is ultimately a gruesome tale about the descent into madness, and Douglass creates an entertaining mix between horror and science-fiction, resulting in a creepy and enjoyable, bite-sized story. If you’re like me, it’ll give you a good taste of Douglass’s writing, and leave you thirsty for more – I look forward to reading more of her stories in future!

Cover for Humanity Lost used with permission from Meghan Douglass

Background image by Casey Horner on Unsplash